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5 Funny Reasons Why You Should Have A Massage In The School Holidays

  1. Post-Unicorn Stress: After weeks of entertaining kids, you’ve developed a secret desire to ride unicorns. A massage won’t grant you that wish, but it’ll ease the tension from pretending to be a magical creature.

  2. Space Travel Fantasies: Ever wondered how to visit space without a rocket? Well, school holidays turn parents into cosmic tour guides. Massage won’t launch you to the stars, but it’ll ground you back on Earth.

  3. The “Teacher Respect” Effect: Suddenly, you appreciate teachers more than ever. They handle a classroom full of kids daily! Massage won’t give you a teaching degree, but it’ll soothe your newfound admiration.

  4. The Activity Jar Dilemma: You’ve got an “activity jar” filled with your kids’ ideas. But beware—some involve riding unicorns or intergalactic travel. Massage won’t solve this, but it’ll calm your decision-making nerves.

  5. Quiet Time Quest: Amid chaos, find moments of silence. Massage won’t make your kids hush instantly, but it’ll help you escape to a tranquil mental oasis.

So here are 5 funny reasons why you should have a massage in the school holidays however on a more serious note you will be happy you had one. A return to school massage also works wonders!

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